Opel Antara Flexes That Ass: Saturn's New Vue-To-Be Sports Techie Bike…

We guess the euro boys n' girls are big fans of biking. All we know is we can rarely get our asses out from behind the laptop long enough to even ride a bike, much less require a rack to carry them. Nonetheless, we're sure there's a decent sized chunk of the population — both in Euro-land and here in the good old US… » 10/05/06 4:14pm 10/05/06 4:14pm

Parkour Your Fanny Right Here: GM Presents The New Opel Antara

Parkour's a distinctly french form of exercise — madly running from one point to another, flying across rooftops, jumping over and into dumpsters, splashing through mud puddles — all just to prove you can. Come to think of it, that type of blind get 'er done je ne sais pas is what makes GM the General, ain't it?… » 9/29/06 6:07pm 9/29/06 6:07pm

GM-Daewoo SUV Debuts, Augurs Badge Engineering to Come

Here they come. Earlier this month, Chevrolet introduced its new SUV for Europe, the Captiva, at the Geneva show. Now a version is rolling out for South Korea, the GM-Daewoo Winstorm. Soon, we'll be seeing double and triple in markets all over the world. The importance of the new seven seater, developed by Daewoo,… » 3/21/06 6:45am 3/21/06 6:45am