The Jalopnik Film Festival Will Be Earth's Greatest Car-Film Event Ever

The third Jalopnik Film Festival will open with a party and a screening of Adam Carolla’s Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman on September 25th in LA, followed by a full-day of films and panels on September 26th that include Ronin, Being Evel, and Havana Motor Club and Steve McQueen: The Man And Le Mans. Get your … »9/03/15 6:00pmYesterday 6:00pm

Welcome To The Garage, The Ultimate Blog For People Who Get Their Hands Dirty

Humanity’s greatest strength as a species is our willingness to challenge the impossible. To see a towering mountain as merely something that has yet to be scaled. To look to the stars and dream of going there. To convince ourselves that a $500 Alfa Romeo Spider on Craigslist is not only a fantastic idea, but a … »9/01/15 10:34amTuesday 10:34am

My Plan To Make Motorcycle Journalism Not Suck Anymore

Last month, Jalopnik managing editor Patrick George announced that Jalopnik had finally come to its senses, acknowledging motorcycles are awesome, and that Lanesplitter is going to try to be the motorcycle site the world needs. This month, some idiot convinced them that in order to achieve this goal they needed to… »8/28/15 5:32pm8/28/15 5:32pm

For The Price Of Mistress To A Millionaire You Can Buy Jalopnik's eBook

I know what you’re thinking, Bought for the Sicilian Billionaire’s Bed (Mistress To A Millionaire) was the book you really wanted to buy for your summer automotive reading. But why do that when you can buy the Jalopnik Book Of Car Facts And History Even Gearheads Don’t Know for the exact same price? Don’t be dumb. »8/19/15 9:05am8/19/15 9:05am

Come Hang Out With Us And Get A Jalopnik Sticker If You're At Pebble Beach

If you’ve ever dreamed of automotive nirvana, Pebble Beach Week is a solid candidate for the place. If you’ve also dreamed of being at Pebble and hanging with a bunch of awesome car nerds, then come join us today at the Porsche Werks Reunion party in Carmel Valley. Or, you know, if you just want some sweet Jalopnik »8/14/15 1:06pm8/14/15 1:06pm

A Statement From the Gawker Media Editorial Staff


Our union drive has expressed at every stage of the process that one of our core goals is to protect the editorial independence of Gawker Media sites from the influence of business-side concerns. Today’s unprecedented breach of the firewall, in which business executives deleted an editorial post over the objections of… »7/17/15 6:05pm7/17/15 6:05pm

The Third Jalopnik Film Festival Is Going To LA, Baby

Fast cars. Good weather. Movie stars. The third Jalopnik Film Festival is coming up and we’re going to Los Angeles, i.e. an ideal place to enjoy a roadster. We’re combining the best features of the first two festivals to create two days of automotive cinema you’re never going to want to forget. »7/17/15 12:30pm7/17/15 12:30pm

Watch Citizenfour And Chat With Judith Miller 

The second anniversary of the Edward Snowden brouhaha is tomorrow, and in honor of our most famous expat former NSA contractor, we’re hosting another Conspiracy Series film at the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn. Join us June 23rd at 7:30 pm for a screening of Laura Poitras’ Academy Award-winning Snowden documentary, … »6/04/15 3:49pm6/04/15 3:49pm