Celebrate Jalopnik's 11th Birthday With A Discount On Our Book!

Jalopnik is now 11 years old, which means we’re old enough to play with giant Technic trucks. We’re celebrating our 11th birthday by lowering the price of Jalopnik’s Book of Car Facts and History Even Gearheads Don’t Know to $1.99 on
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Google Play. That’s cheaper that one issue… »10/13/15 12:10pm10/13/15 12:10pm

Inverse Pitching: Drugs On The Assembly Line, The Next Corvette And BMW Z1 Ownership

HARK! A sound doth bellow across the horizon! Is it the glorious bellow of a PRV V6, wheezing out the back of a DeLorean? NAY! It is the call for writings. Your writings, specifically. Rather than having you scramble for ideas, we’re going to give you some of our own. And we’re paying. »10/01/15 1:17pm10/01/15 1:17pm

Here's The Jalopnik Film Festival Short Film Contest Winner

We had a great slate of 11 shorts selected by our jury for inclusion in the third annual Jalopnik Film Festival presented by Mazda, but only one could win the coveted Audience Choice Award and it was “Building Your Dream Ferrari is a Beautiful Thing” by our friends at Petrolicious. See it below. »9/27/15 5:29pm9/27/15 5:29pm

Want To Drive The 2016 Miata? We Just Opened Up More Spots

We’re having a big party in Los Angeles this Friday at Santa Monica Airport’s Barker Hangar to kickoff the Jalopnik Film Festival, which will include a chance to drive the new Miata. Because we ran out of spots so fast we just opened up some more. RSVP here for the rides and RSVP here for the party. [UPDATE: We just… »9/23/15 12:03pm9/23/15 12:03pm

Alex Roy, Tony Angelo To Talk Ronin At Jalopnik Film Festival

We’re showing Ronin as part of our Film Festival in Los Angeles this week (tickets still on sale here) and before we screen it we’re going to have a panel with automotive bon vivant Alex Roy, drifter Tony Angelo, stunt driver Sera Trimble, and hollywood carfinder Josh Hancock to talk about the film. It should be fun. »9/21/15 3:39pm9/21/15 3:39pm

See McQueen, De Niro, Knievel, Mad Max: $50 VIP Tickets Still Available

We told you most of the details of the third annual Jalopnik Film Festival in LA yesterday when we put tickets on sale, but because of a computer issue it appeared to some that our discounted VIP tickets were sold out. They’re not. Buy them here (or call 888-929-7849) and see Ronin, Steve McQueen The Man And Le Mans, … »9/04/15 12:19pm9/04/15 12:19pm

The Jalopnik Film Festival Will Be Earth's Greatest Car-Film Event Ever

The third Jalopnik Film Festival will open with a party and a screening of Adam Carolla’s Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman on September 25th in LA, followed by a full-day of films and panels on September 26th that include Ronin, Being Evel, and Havana Motor Club and Steve McQueen: The Man And Le Mans. Get your … »9/03/15 6:00pm9/03/15 6:00pm

You may not know who Dave Coleman is, but you’ve seen his work.

You may not know who Dave Coleman is, but you’ve seen his work. He’s a vehicle development engineer for Mazda North America, and one of the top guys in charge of making sure all their cars are fun to drive. Before that he was the technical editor of the dearly departed Sport Compact Car. And he’ll be here at 2 p.m.… »9/01/15 11:58am9/01/15 11:58am

Welcome To The Garage, The Ultimate Blog For People Who Get Their Hands Dirty

Humanity’s greatest strength as a species is our willingness to challenge the impossible. To see a towering mountain as merely something that has yet to be scaled. To look to the stars and dream of going there. To convince ourselves that a $500 Alfa Romeo Spider on Craigslist is not only a fantastic idea, but a … »9/01/15 10:34am9/01/15 10:34am