You're Invited To Our Crazy Jalopshift Party In New York Next Week

Clear your calendars folks. Next Thursday, April 17th at 7:30 PM we'll be having a bigass party with our friends at blipshift and you're invited homey. It'll be by the New York Auto Show and it'll be full of cars. Go here to sign up for tickets. » 4/11/14 12:40pm 4/11/14 12:40pm

Introducing Invites, A New Feature We Just Added To Jalopnik

We're going to continue to roll out new features on the site designed to encourage conversation, and one of the projects I've most been excited about has just been added to Jalopnik. As of now, you can invite people into a conversation via Twitter through our "invites" project. » 4/10/14 12:13pm 4/10/14 12:13pm

Help Blipshift Create The Next Next Great Jalopnik T-Shirt, Win Prizes

Our first Jalopshift t-shirt was one of Blipshift's most popular shirts ever, which is why we've partnered with blipshift again to produce the ultimate Jalopnik t-shirt. Oh yeah, and you'll have a chance to design it again and then see your shirt at their pop-up store and our big party. Here are the details. » 3/26/14 4:07pm 3/26/14 4:07pm

Apex: The Guys Behind /DRIVE Are Making The Definitive Hypercar Movie

Hypercars are the highest echelon of motoring. What you don't realize is that this is also one of the most competitive arenas not only in cars, but in the entire world. And the team behind /DRIVE wants you to experience the competition in the first 4K big screen documentary: Apex: The Story Of The Hypercar. » 3/19/14 2:00pm 3/19/14 2:00pm

Fighters And Tanks And Geopolitics, Oh My! Welcome To Foxtrot Alpha

You may have noticed that we have a military sub-site all of a sudden, and with all the news from Ukraine we sort of skipped the part where we introduce the site to the world. Here's Foxtrot Alpha's Ty Rogoway explaining who he is and what he has planned for the site. » 3/12/14 12:05pm 3/12/14 12:05pm

I'll Probably Switch The Site Over To The New Design Tomorrow

I had a few requests for the people developing the next iteration of Kinja (called 'Tiger' internally) before I agreed this site over to it, based on a mix of my own experiences and on your responses to Nick Denton's product posts. I'm happy enough with the results to probably flip the switch tomorrow morning. » 2/24/14 9:45pm 2/24/14 9:45pm

Everyone Welcome Doug DeMuro To Jalopnik And Glimpse The Future

The benefit of having a huge network of commenters and contributors like Kinja is that the talent has a hard time hiding, which is why so many Jalopnik writers and editors got their start in our comments. Gawker has a plan to make this process even easier and I'm proud to announce Doug DeMuro will be our first… » 2/18/14 3:35pm 2/18/14 3:35pm

Why The Truck Yeah! Rating System Means Better Truck Reviews

Here at Truck Yeah!, we want to be taken seriously. Kinda. Ok, just a little. But we do endeavor to bring you accurate, unbiased evaluations of trucks, SUVs, vans, and maybe other stuff in a format that will give you everything you want to know, and do it better than the other guys. » 2/10/14 12:48pm 2/10/14 12:48pm

Jalopnik Presents: Truck Yeah!

Ladies, gentlemen, readers from all over the world – prepare to spit out your coffee in excitement because our sublog Truck Yeah! is live, and you're about to discover a new source for all-things truck that will put hair on your chest and exhaust aggro-A'murican clichés like only Jalopnik can. » 1/06/14 12:32pm 1/06/14 12:32pm