Adam Carolla And C.J. Wilson To Judge Jalopnik Film Festival Contest

Comedian/filmmaker Adam Carolla will join car enthusiast/pitcher C.J. Wilson, filmmaker Jeff Zwart, and television personality Spike Feresten as judges for the third annual Jalopnik Film Festival’s short film contest. The submission deadline is August 20th so submit soon. » 8/10/15 10:08am 8/10/15 10:08am

It's The End Of The Model Year As We Know It, And Jalopnik Feels Fine!

September's always an important sales month, as it's the last month of the model year. The usual "who's up, who's down" takes on even more meaning as automakers hustle to prove they're kings of the 12-month spread. As such, we'll be covering September sales with equal parts vim and vigor throughout the day. That… » 10/03/06 9:18am 10/03/06 9:18am

Pig And Bear Are Indecisive: Enter, The Contest Poll!

Pig and Bear want to thank all of you for bringing their thoughts and pictures to life in excruciatingly horrible detail. You all are winners in our book but we have but one iPod nano to give away and as we thoroughly detest the thought of making an actual decision, we're passing the buck on to y'all. Tell us which… » 6/12/06 2:45pm 6/12/06 2:45pm

Pig And Bear Want You To Show Us Your Pics: Four Days Left In Our iPod Giveaway!

Well folks — just four days left in our iPod contest! Although we've seen some cool stuff so far, nothing's really popping out at us. So hurry up and get us those pictures! If you're in need of a refresher on the rules — here's they are. Remember, you've only got until Monday at noon — so get those entries in! Don't… » 6/08/06 9:42pm 6/08/06 9:42pm

Pig And Bear Think It's Time For A Contest — An IPod For Their Thoughts?

We still can't get enough of those cute little scamps from the meadow — Pig & Bear. They're just too...darn...adorable — even when being served up on a platter by the equally scampy Dodge Caliber. Well, we've talked to the creators of the little munchkins — better known as the good people at BBDO Detroit — and… » 6/06/06 5:30pm 6/06/06 5:30pm

A Public Service Announcement From Jalopnik: Don't Leave MY Credit Card Number In YOUR Car!

Ok, so let's say you're an data analyst at accounting and security consulting firm Ernst & Young down in Texas and you're hoping to get some work done tonight at home. Your big client Hotels.com is all ready to jump down your throat cause you guys hadn't put together that promised credit card tracking system they'd… » 6/03/06 11:35am 6/03/06 11:35am