The UK Is About to Connect an Entire Highway to the Internet

Imagine a future where your car's not just connected to the road between the tire rubber and tarmac. It's connected to the internet and not only sending a steady stream of data but also receiving signals to speed up or slow down based on the traffic. This futuristic future is already here. »10/02/13 7:29pm10/02/13 7:29pm

This Co-Ed Entrepreneur Launched A "Walk Of Shame" Shuttle Service

It's St. Valentine's Day, which means couples eating heart-shaped pizzas at home and lonely people hooking up like sweaty electromagnets. For the former there's Tums, for the latter at The University of Michigan there's Senior Kellyann Wargo, who just launched a Walk of Shame Shuttle to ferry the lovesick and hungover… »2/14/12 4:30pm2/14/12 4:30pm

Spy Photos Without Photos: Chevrolet HHR SomethingSomething Spotted In Ann Arbor, We Forget Camera

While walking back from dropping a few quarters into the old parking meter outside of Zingerman's deli on Detroit Street in Ann Arbor today — where I spent the morning ingesting coffee and a egg n' cheese bagel sandwich after a night of liquor with recent Jalop alumn Mike Austin— where what should I see driving by,… »12/02/06 1:37pm12/02/06 1:37pm

A Jalopnik Field Trip: Every Day Is A Winding Road, We Get A Little Claustrophobic

Well, one of us here in the Great Lakes State is in the midst of a quick two day jaunt out to Ann Arbor, the far left of center automotive universe. Since we were out here, we decided we'd check in on a fellow auto blogger and see how he's doing in his new digs at the Road which endlessly is Winding. Chris Paukert,… »9/07/06 4:49pm9/07/06 4:49pm