Ford Succeeds In Giving Us Nightmares With New Ka Spot

We understand the Ford Ka is a roomy vehicle. Hell, it's even big enough for James Bond and many Bond girls, but the means this Spanish commercial goes to in order to express that notion is going to cause us to have some serious trouble sleeping tonight. The first one to identify what the hell those creatures are gets… »4/29/08 4:40pm4/29/08 4:40pm

Poorly Named Hotdog Monitors In-Car Temperature For The Pooch

We all know the SPCA, PETA and other groups get their knickers in a bunch over leaving animals in cars, and rightly so. Much to the delight of these organizations, Hotdog is a new gadget that will to take a step forward toward keeping pets in overheating cars. This device connects into your cars electrical system and… »3/21/08 9:45am3/21/08 9:45am

Puphut Does Nothing To Increase Ferociousness Of Your Pooch

All the credibility you gained driving that F-350 will be thrown out the window once the guys catch you rocking a Puphut in your big, beastly truck. Puphut is what it says it is: a hut, for your truck, so your dog can stay nice and protected when you are hauling him around town. Back off for a second, PETA, and… »2/14/08 3:30pm2/14/08 3:30pm

Bear Steels Car, Bear Driving Car, How Can That Be?

New Jersey police are claiming that a black bear is the prime suspect in a car theft in Vernon Township. Apparently, the bear was attracted to the sweets inside the car and accidentally released the emergency brake. The vehicle was found down the road, full of bear hair and broken glass. This thing should be expected… »11/14/07 2:00pm11/14/07 2:00pm