Deer Deterrent Tested

A roadside device capable of scaring deer away from the road when vehicles approach is being tested in New Jersey. Capable of detecting headlights long before the animals become dazzled, it emits a loud noise and flashes a blue strobe light when cars come within 150 yards. 38 have been installed on a stretch of road… » 8/13/07 1:15pm 8/13/07 1:15pm

Bathurst Kangaroo!

In Australia, there are many wonderous things — utes, sheilas, The Great Barrier Reef, Paul Hogan and road trains — not to mention a rather abundant diversity of marsupials. Some of these marsupials are kangaroos. Sometimes, kangaroos end up where they're not supposed to be, such as on the track at Bathurst during… » 7/10/07 6:45pm 7/10/07 6:45pm

Bird and Car Enter, Car Leaves

Somewhere along that great ribbon of asphalt and concrete that links The City to the Big Apple, there is a pond. More specifically, that pond is in Utah. And in that Utahn pond, gulls congregate. Their flight path to said pond takes them across Interstate Eighty. And when the dumb bird misjudges the speed of oncoming… » 7/10/07 4:15pm 7/10/07 4:15pm

Randy Crow Attacks UK Cars

We had a pal in college who liked to wear a black trenchcoat, a Gecko T-shirt and a ring on a lanyard around his neck with a silver ring hanging from it. After a year or so of knowing him, we actually looked at said ring and noticed it had "The Crow" engraved in it. Needless to say, he wasn't exactly beating the… » 6/28/07 7:45pm 6/28/07 7:45pm

You Can See Her Stripes But You Know She's Clean: Tiger Attacks Cars

A belligerent she-tiger, apparently angry that a motorist took the life of one of her cubs, has gone about attacking motor vehicles in eastern Russia. The big cat is one of about 450 tigers remaining in the Maritime and the Khabarovsk regions, and has been seen on the side of the road with a dead cub in her jaws,… » 12/06/06 1:30pm 12/06/06 1:30pm

Give the Puppy Some: Canine Drives, Crashes

This dog-obsessiveness has to stop. Look, we've been a dog owner, and some dogs are really, really amazing creatures. However, that does not mean that they are mentally or physically equipped to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. This, however, did not stop a Mongolian woman known only as Ms. Li from attempting… » 8/28/06 2:29pm 8/28/06 2:29pm

Redneck Yellowjackets Practice Urban Renewal In '55 Chevy

Much like dogs love trucks, yellowjackets apparently love cars. We discovered this the hard way a few years back when a mean-spirited stinging insect jabbed us in the back while we were leaving a stoplight, causing us nearly to put our old Legend into a hedge. Nevertheless, we're once again quite stoked that we don't… » 8/23/06 9:15pm 8/23/06 9:15pm

Hot Animal Machine: Pets-In-Cars Law to Go Before Schwarzenneger

Senate Bill 1806, written by Democratic State Senator Liz Figueroa, is headed to Ahnulds desk. The bill, if the Governator signs it into law, would impose a fines of up to $500 and as much as six months in jail for leaving an animal in a hot car. Studies have show that in-car temperatures can hit 132 degrees… » 8/16/06 3:30pm 8/16/06 3:30pm

Note to 'American Idol' Prospects: Cowell Doesn't Appreciate…

As an odd, cred-killing side-note, one Jalopnik was actually in both the El Camino High Madrigal choir, as well as the Central Valley Regional Honor Choir with American Idol contestant Mandisa Hundley, who is a very nice woman and only accused us of being a racist once, when we, as a part of a pre-Homecoming stunt,… » 8/14/06 11:00pm 8/14/06 11:00pm

More on da Matta's Deer Incident at Road America

Faithful tipster Scott sent over this bit from ESPN regarding Champ Car-driver Cristiano da Matta's collision with a deer during a practice session at Elkhart Lake. Cristiano is currently hospitalized in critical condition, in a medically-induced coma, due to a subdural hematoma. In layman's terms, it means that the… » 8/04/06 7:30pm 8/04/06 7:30pm

Girl Crashes Her SUV into Nature, Bees Unhappy

We once almost crashed our car due to an errant yellowjacket that stung us as we took off from a stoplight, but that's nothing compared to what a sixteen-year-old girl in Indiana had to contend with when she lost control of her SUV on a gravel road and wrapped it around a tree. But not just any tree. A tree that… » 8/03/06 3:30pm 8/03/06 3:30pm

Clyde! Left! Ape Learns to Drive

Doing Philo Beddoe's simian turn-signal Clyde one better, it seems that at some point, somewhere along the line, a chimpanzee taught himself to operate a motor vehicle. Needless to say, the rivalry between the chimp/orangutan camps just went up a notch. » 7/14/06 8:00pm 7/14/06 8:00pm

Malicious Police Dog Runs Down Woman

Mary Stone of Ogden, UT, was the victim of a vehicular assault perpetrated by a canine officer of the law. The dog, Ranger, was left in an idling pickup truck while his handler responded to a domestic disturbance call. Ranger then knocked the vehicle into gear, which ran down Stone as she checked her mail. She… » 7/13/06 3:15pm 7/13/06 3:15pm

Colbert's Worst Nightmare: Bear Cub Eats Dinner In Back Seat Of Vintage…

We, like Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert, have a fear bordering on terror when it comes to bears. The thought of what happened to the owners of a vintage red 1964 Buick convertible this holiday weekend over in Lake Tahoe gives us the chills. A hungry bear cub decided a little pick-a-nick basket was the way to go,… » 7/05/06 10:00am 7/05/06 10:00am

Peacocks Attack Cars in Texas Neighborhood

In the interest of keeping star commenter TexansAreHot happy, here's one more item from the Lone Star State. (As an aside, did y'all know that the star on the California flag — which might possibly be the best flag ever, although we're partial to the DC flag, too — was added to show solidarity with Texas?)… » 6/26/06 5:00pm 6/26/06 5:00pm

Flags and Emblems: Banner-Carrying Cars Spooking Horses in UK

When was the last time you were in a locale that boasted an Equine Liaison Officer? Well, rural Hampshire, England has one by the name of Derek Grist, and he's not exactly thrilled with all of the cars flying the Union Jack during the runup to the World Cup. Why? Because the waving flags apparently have the capacity… » 6/01/06 12:08am 6/01/06 12:08am

Buffalo Soldiers into Police Cars

An angry/ scared/out-of-its -element buffalo got into a scuffle with Chinese police and came out on the losing end of a rifleman's bullet. After wandering onto an expressway, the animal drew the attention of police, who attempted to shoo it away using their cars. Apparently, the buffalo didn't care for this tactic… » 4/14/06 3:40pm 4/14/06 3:40pm

Jalopnik Emissions: Purim Edition

My Eagle Claw Will Defeat Your Parrot Stance!

Okay, this is from last week, and we haven't heard about how effectively the plan panned out, but organizers of a vintage car rally in New Zealand brought in a 40-member karate club to defend the pricey relics from attacking Keas, parrots with exceptionally sharp beaks and a penchant for shiny objects. Why this… » 2/07/06 8:48am 2/07/06 8:48am

The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts, Part 4: Fuel From Feces!

Anyone who's ever held a lighter too close to one's anus after a hearty meal in San Francisco's Mission District knows what we're about to tell you the ass expels energy. What's more, bovines, huge animals that they are and quite populous in number expel a lot of potential energy out the ol' bootyhole. Now, all of… » 1/20/06 9:59pm 1/20/06 9:59pm