Andy Rooney Bitches, Moans About State Slogans On License Plates, Being Old

Last night's bitch-fest by Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes' starts with his inability to discern the difference between cars and then as usual, inexplicably moves towards something only quasi-tangentially related. In this case, license plates and state slogans. Although there's no real point he's driving at, it's funny in… »8/11/08 12:20pm8/11/08 12:20pm


Y'ever Notice How American Cars Suck?: Andy Rooney Skewers American Carmakers

On CBS's "60 Minutes" last night, humorist and avuncular crankpot Andy Rooney gave American automakers a rhetorical wet willie in their cauliflower ears. Too many, ill-defined model names, he quipped, have turned the US auto industry into a kaleidoscopic blur of subpar vehicles: »12/12/05 7:20am12/12/05 7:20am

He even personalized his Few Minutes…