SF Sorrow: McQueen vs. Schwarzenbach, Charger vs. Mustang

The magic Krucoff did the world a solid by posting Jawbreaker's magnificent "Kiss the Bottle" recently. There may be no better song that sums up our experiences in 1990s/early-Aughts San Francisco than this one. And for at least three of Los Jalops and probably roughly four readers, we know what it's like to bomb… »11/22/06 3:45am11/22/06 3:45am


And Now For Something Completely Different: 'King Dork' Blog Book Tour

We almost balked at this, and then decided to go ahead with it, since Andrew Krucoff's at the NY Auto Show and once attempted to be a Mopar hipster, at which he failed miserably. To be fair, that's easier to do than most hipsters think. Nevertheless, our man A.K. managed to get an interview with Frank Portman… »4/12/06 2:22pm4/12/06 2:22pm