Don't Be A Dummy: Woman Run Over By Own Car

Safety belts might make your woman seem so far away from you, but they may also save your woman's life. According to reports, a woman driving in Anaheim late Wednesday was hit by a truck and ejected from her car (we assume she wasn't wearing a safety belt). That's not exactly news since it happens something like ten… » 3/30/07 2:30pm 3/30/07 2:30pm

You Are There: At the VIP Auto Fashion Show in Anaheim

Our Buddy Marc D. visited the VIP Auto Fashion Show in Anaheim, and came away with a new dissappreciation for the tastes of the moneyed class. Promoters promised a lineup that included "ultimate dream-cars, concept vehicles, celebrity rides and industry exhibits" as well as "celebrity poker players." (Good gracious!… » 12/06/05 11:21am 12/06/05 11:21am