Amtrak Chose Not To Deluge Penn Station During Hurricane Sandy

While Hurricane Sandy raged over the New York metropolitan area, the underground infrastructure of the city began to flood. Now Amtrak is revealing that they could have let Penn Station flood instead of the Hudson River tunnels, using a long-forgotten barrier designed to protect the city during World War II. »8/25/13 2:00pm8/25/13 2:00pm

How To Travel From D.C. To Boston, All-Electric, Faster And Cheaper Than The Tesla Model S

Getting tired of all the Tesla stories? I'm not. Getting away from the sideshow that is Elon Musk v. The NYT there's a much deeper truth about transportation and EVs buried in this story: driving a car from D.C. to Boston is a bad idea for most people. There's a much smarter, cheaper, and faster way to get from D.C.… »2/16/13 11:46am2/16/13 11:46am

232 Amtrak Passengers Stranded On Train In Rural West Virginia Since Friday Night (UPDATE)

Passengers on Amtrak's Cardinal service (Train 51) heading toward Chicago, Illinois from New York have been stranded in West Virginia since approximately 8:00 pm due to last night's storms, Jalopnik can confirm. Amtrak says 232 passengers were on board when downed trees forced them to stop. It'll be another few hours… »6/30/12 5:49pm6/30/12 5:49pm