World's Quickest R35 Nissan GT-R Even Quicker

The AMS GT-R Alpha 9 already broke the 10-second barrier, and now the 900 AWHP Alpha 10 just hit a remarkable 9.33 at 153 mph in the quarter-mile for a new R35 GT-R record. Does this count as gauge porn? » 10/04/10 5:15pm 10/04/10 5:15pm

Alpha 9 Nissan GT-R Belts Out 900 HP, 9-Second Quarter Mile

AMS Performance has developed a monster Nissan GT-R tuner, dubbed the "Alpha 9" with 900-hp and 9-second quarter mile times on race gas. Better news? They're working on a 1200-hp version. » 9/14/10 3:00pm 9/14/10 3:00pm