AMS Mitusbishi Lancer Evolution VIII Makes 1130 HP

AMS claim this is the world's most powerful Evo, and they've got the dyno sheets to back it up. This Mitsubishi monster supposedly makes 1130 HP, and that's not at the flywheel, but at the wheels. And we're told it's "true" power, no nitrous-oxide assistance, just a motor built up big as can be and 51 PSI of boost.… » 4/22/08 3:45pm 4/22/08 3:45pm

Father of Teen Killed In TN Pro-Mod Accident Sues

The father of fifteen-year-old Scarlett Replogle — killed in the Selmer, Tennesee accident when Troy Critchley's Pro Mod got out of line during an exhibition burnout at the Cars for Kids charity event earlier this month — is suing for 2.5 million dollars in compensatory damages, on top of $7.5 mil in punitive… » 6/27/07 8:15pm 6/27/07 8:15pm