Amphibious Army Vehicles Are Working As Taxis In Russia

This is literally my childhood dream come true. Ex-army amphibious vehicles are serving as taxis crossing the rivers of St. Petersburg. » 12/19/14 3:18pm 12/19/14 3:18pm

Duck Bus Sinks In England With 31 People Onboard

All 31 passengers of this duck boat tour in Liverpool, UK, had to evacuate as their vehicle took on water and sank on Saturday afternoon. Seventeen people were hospitalized, but no one was seriously injured. » 6/17/13 3:46pm 6/17/13 3:46pm

The Gibbs Quadski Is A Badass Amphibious ATV

Have you ever wished that you had an ATV, but held off on pulling the trigger because you wanted to buy a jet ski, too, but couldn't have both at the same time? » 10/16/12 10:30am 10/16/12 10:30am

TVR's Scamander Drives On Roads, Fields And Through Water

The last time we checked in with what TVR was doing, the Scamander was the rough prototype of recently deceased designer Peter Wheeler's dream amphibious lunar rover thingie car. It was weird and had blade paddles sticking out from its wheels. » 6/06/12 2:30pm 6/06/12 2:30pm

This Is The World’s Largest High-Speed Wheeled Amphibious Vehicle

The amphibious vehicle company Gibbs Technologies is back at it, unveiling a monstrous V8-powered truck/boat called the Phibian, aimed at law enforcement and military agencies. It could just be the ultimate offroader. » 2/20/12 10:00am 2/20/12 10:00am

Meet Sinky, The Amphibious British Bus Of Your Dreams

This amphibious bus is part of a proposed plan to improve public transport in the Scottish city of Glasgow. It's currently undergoing "sea" trials on the River Clyde. It has encountered problems, but it has not sunk. Yet. » 2/09/10 11:00am 2/09/10 11:00am

Scamander RRV: "The Homer" Comes To Life

Before passing away, ex-TVR owner Peter Wheeler built the Scamander RRV, a car that could drive on track, off-road or even on the water, all while carrying four people. In short, he built The Homer. » 6/15/09 2:30pm 6/15/09 2:30pm

Saleen Developing Gibbs Aquada And Quadski For American Market

Saleen will be conducting manufacturing design and engineering work required to bring the Gibbs Aquada and Quadski to the North American market. Gibbs plans to introduce the models here late in 2009 or early in 2010. In addition to working on production processes for the amphibians, Saleen is also looking at ways to… » 7/02/08 6:20pm 7/02/08 6:20pm

The Amphibious Platypus Jeep

If you're hankering for a wheeled amphibious vehicle with assault potential but don't want something as big as the DUKW, perhaps this custom Jeep will do. Built by the folks at the Amphibious Vehicle Design Studio, the Platypus Jeep is a paragon of on-road and in-water capabilities. The floating four-wheeler runs with… » 4/23/08 2:40pm 4/23/08 2:40pm