This Amphibious Tank-Yacht Might Save Your Life One Day

I'm all for a local success story, so this is pretty big. Gibbs Amphitrucks, a small manufacturer in Auburn Hills, is partnering with a Singaporean manufacturer to mass-produce Humdingas, a half-car, half-boat used for emergency transport and disaster relief. But they look amazing, and we can't wait to drive one for… »2/13/14 3:51pm2/13/14 3:51pm

The Time A Guy And His Wife Sailed Across The Ocean In An Amphibious Jeep

They had spent 14 days in darkness. Late on the morning of the 15th day, December 2, 1950, light finally peeked through a crack in the curtain that hung over the passenger-side window. Ben lifted the curtain and looked outside. The sky was blue, and the sun, as big as a dinner plate, shone brightly. The storm clouds… »12/26/12 12:00pm12/26/12 12:00pm

The World's 'Fastest Amphibious Car' Is For Sale

You know what sucks? You're tearing down the road at a fun but safe 150 mph, when all of a sudden there's an estuary or a river or a pier or swimming pool or an ocean or some other sort of watery annoyance that seems like all it wants to do is make you stop having fun. I mean, come on! I know the Earth is 75% of that… »5/14/12 12:00pm5/14/12 12:00pm

Gullwinged, Amphibious Sports Car Is China's Best Creation Since Gong Li

The amphibious sports car isn't a new idea, there's the Rinspeed sQuba and Gibbs Aquada to name just two, but we have to give credit to the creator of this Chinese p***y magnet yellow amphicar for the addition of gullwing doors, ideal for when you're chilling on the Yangtze. We're fairly sure this is a custom job and… »7/11/08 2:40pm7/11/08 2:40pm