2009 Ford Focus Coupe Gets New Look, Lipstick...Still A Pig

We know first-hand how horrible the design of the 2008 Ford Focus coupe truly was. Having spent five days in one we can tell you the best part about the '08 model was being inside of it. Only then could you sink into that relatively comfortable interior and try to forget the horror of witnessing the terrifying design… »5/13/08 12:33am5/13/08 12:33am

American Idol Ruins Johnny Cash Song With Help From A Fake KITT Mustang

If you thought the GT500KR in the Knight Rider made-for-TV movie was a disgusting piece of product placement, you ain't seen nothin' yet. What could be worse? How about the four remaining contestants in American Idol massacring Johnny Cash's song Ring Of Fire? What makes it extra terrible was the so-called "music… »5/08/08 9:20am5/08/08 9:20am