AFA Ends Ford Boycott, Apparently Didn't See Knight Rider

The American Family Association, an organization devoted to protecting families from reason and understanding, started a boycott of Ford for being too friendly to homosexual groups. Ford originally caved to AFA pressure though claimed they continued to support gay social events financially. The AFA claims Ford has… »3/11/08 5:00pm3/11/08 5:00pm


What a Shocker! North Texas Ford Dealers Don't Like Homosexuals!

We've known some fine people from North Texas. We made the decision to move to Central Texas of our own volition, and we still have many fond memories of the place and often miss it. To the coastal types who think all Texans are stereotypical bigots, well, we'd like to deflate that notion right now. That said, there… »8/11/06 12:00am8/11/06 12:00am

American Family Association Renews Ford Boycot Threat

You knew this was coming. We may be city slickers from way back, but we know one thing about good 'ol boys: You cross one over, y'all better prepare for a goddamn ba-rawl. Ford may soon learn that lesson in spectacular (or at least really, really annoying) fashion. The company had averted a boycott with the Reverend… »12/16/05 9:10am12/16/05 9:10am

Ford Responds to Gay Community, Gay Community Applauds

Ford finally did something proactive in the ongoing mess involving its capitulation to the American Family Association they sent a VP of human resources to meet with leaders in the GLBT community. And afterward, he wrote a letter, which you can read by clicking here. Then GLAAD issued a press release applauding said… »12/14/05 6:59pm12/14/05 6:59pm

The Truth About Ford's Cowing by the American Family Association

Farago doesn't pull punches when it comes to Ford's caving to the American Family Association's demands to stop contributing to the evil institution known as homosexual love. Calling the war between the religious right and the gay community, a "Hatfield - McCoy-style conflict that [Ford] can t win, on any level,… »12/07/05 6:23pm12/07/05 6:23pm

Ford Bends to American Family Association on Gay Rights Support

Ford Motor apparently caved to the religio-fascist thugs drunk-with-power American Family Association, which announced earlier this year it was censuring the automaker for supporting a gay and lesbian rights group. The AFA, which was set to boycott Ford starting today, called off its full-frontal attack for reasons… »12/01/05 9:06am12/01/05 9:06am