UAW-American Axle Contract Talks Stall...Like An American Axle PCM?

Let's be clear — that headline's for comedic effect only. Just because we once had trouble with a 2005 Dodge Ram intermittently stalling doesn't mean American Axle PCM's are faulty. But what we're sure is faulty are contract negotiations between the General's big league supplier and the UAW. The strike has shut down… » 5/14/08 9:40am 5/14/08 9:40am

Malibu, American Axle's Through With You?

So far the damage from the American Axle strike's been limited to the General's big slow-sellers. Although GM's idled 30 plants, for the most part they've been the trucks and SUV's. Well, except for the Detroit-Hamtramck plant which makes the Buick Lucerne and the Cadillac DTS. Oh, and also the Lordstown, Ohio plant… » 4/01/08 10:40am 4/01/08 10:40am

GM To Idle Hamtramck Assembly Due To American Axle Strike

Reuters is reporting General Motors will be idling its Hamtramck Assembly plant on Monday as a result of the ongoing strike at American Axle. The Detroit area plant currently builds the Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne and joins 30 other plants affected by the parts shortages. Though shuttering plants is never good… » 3/28/08 11:30am 3/28/08 11:30am