The US Mail Truck You Know And Love Is Going Away Soon

The US Postal Service runs about 200,000 Grumman Long Live Vehicles (LLV) all over the country, which you'd recognize as the pokey little vans that look like they're made of Legos. After some 30 years of braving snow, rain, heat, and gloom of night, Uncle Sam has a long list of specs they want for the next mail truck.

Video: Rally North America US50 in a Jeep SRT, Part 2: Missouri to Colorado

Two weeks ago, we brought you the first half of our coverage of Rally North America's biggest event yet: the US50 Rally, from West Virginia to Missouri. Then last week, we showed you what our Jeep SRT is like at a hot, elevated track day. Today, let's see more sights, meet more folks, and share the conclusion of Rally…

'Most Patriotic Brand' In America Is An Automaker, Guess Which One

Marketing company Brand Keys surveys thousands of people every year, to rate companies on 35 different "values." One of those is "patriotism," not in terms of where the a company actually makes things or employs people, but purely how "American" they appear in public perception. Only two automakers made the top 25.

America's best F1 hopes, Conor Daly & Alexander Rossi, uncensored

On the racetrack, these two guys are America's best shot at putting one of its own in the seat of a Formula 1 car. And they get asked about this a lot. But we have other burning questions: which of them plays Pokémon on his Nintendo DS? What celebrity do they want to go on a date with? And more importantly, what are…