How Not To Ice Race

On a crisp Sunday morning at the end of February I was fortunate enough to have finally amassed the right set of items/abilities to be able to participate in one of the Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club's fabled ice races. If you know me personally you would know that I have been trying to attend one of these ice races… » 3/08/15 1:35pm 3/08/15 1:35pm

SEE: Studs on Ice!

Okay, true, the title brings to mind Peter North lying on a slab in the morgue, but seeing as it's the middle of the summer, we thought we'd bring you a little gallery of ice racing action from February's AMEC Studs on Ice race. Just flip the canned air upside down, spray it all over the face of the monitor, and feel… » 8/01/05 1:51pm 8/01/05 1:51pm