Hummer H2 Assembly Line To Produce Just-As-Boxy Standard Taxis

The Standard Taxi by VPG Auto has been working the publicity circuit for a while now, but it appears AM General may step up to actually produce it. With the likely death of the Hummer H2, AM General will have excess capacity at its Mishawaka, Indiana plant. Assuming VPG can secure financing, they'll be able to start… »7/14/08 10:20am7/14/08 10:20am

Screw This Grumman LLV Nonsense! It's About the Jeep DJ-5!

San Pedro pretty much has the coolest mailmen ever. They wear shorts year 'round. One of them, a studly, self-confident, swarthy man in aviators with a hipster haircut that he totally pulls off, refers to us as "Chief." Note that "Chief" is our favorite nickname that doesn't have anything to do with the ladies. In… »1/19/07 6:45pm1/19/07 6:45pm

H2? H2, Where Are You? Hummer H2 Plant To Shut Down For Two Weeks

AM General, the maker of all things Hummer, will be shutting down the H2 line for two weeks this month in order to right-size production to match up with slowing sales. The plant employees about 600 from the sleepy little farm-filled hamlet of Mishawaka, Indiana. Which, in many ways we feel, might remind us a little… »10/05/06 2:45pm10/05/06 2:45pm