Over The Back Fence: Memorial Day Drop-Top Madness Infects Infiniti Next?

Seems we're hearing a lot over the back fence today, eh? Not moments after penning the earlier post on what Nissan and Lexus are looking to bring out for a bright sunshine-y day, we were tipped off to a VWVortex thread on a Japanese magazine with a rendering for us to drop atop the Nissan rumor. The rendering is of an… »5/29/07 11:30am5/29/07 11:30am

Over The Back Fence: Nissan Altima And Lexus IS Going Topless?

Maybe it's the hot sun from the long weekend, but we're hearing all sorts of rumors of convertible action coming from the land of the rising sun. The folks at the line that's always on the inside over at Edmunds are claiming Nissan's looking at green-lighting an Altima convertible to roll against the Toyota Solara and… »5/29/07 10:15am5/29/07 10:15am

Fire!: Nissan Tells Dealers to Stop Selling Altimas, Sentra SE-Rs

Reports of engine fires has led Nissan North America to warn dealers not to sell 2006 four-cylinder Nissan Altimas and Sentra SE-Rs. The company isn't sure why the some of the cars have also been sucking down oil like food athletes at a linguini-with-white-clam-sauce-eating contest. According to the Asssociated… »6/04/06 3:33pm6/04/06 3:33pm