Scoot Coupe Snapped In Detroit, End of World Pending

The times, they are a changing. We've been seeing all kinds of craziness on the roads of Detroit these days in response to the insanity of expensive gas. We saw our second Detroit area Smart ForTwo last night and are wondering if the taste for hulking behemoths is being usurped by the compact and efficient. This was… » 4/18/08 6:20pm 4/18/08 6:20pm

Octogenarian Drivers Rejoice: 15 MPH Limit In British "Eco Towns"

From the Ministry of Brilliant Ideas comes this doozy of a whopper of a notion: build ten new English "Eco Towns" to combat climate change. These town would provide 20,000 homes and—here's the rub—be largely devoid of automobiles. Let's set aside for a moment some of the obvious political footballs: building… » 3/27/08 1:30pm 3/27/08 1:30pm