The Navy's Seawater-To-Fuel System: Can I Use It In My Car?

Last week, the US Navy flew a model airplane with a small 2-stroke engine. That's not normally news, except for one big detail: the fuel the plane burned was made from seawater via a process the Navy has been working on for years. Let's look a little into what this sorcery is, and if it'll ever power our cars. »4/15/14 4:00pm4/15/14 4:00pm

E85 Gas Pumps Pass 1,800 Mark, Still Can't Find One In Sarah Palin's Alaska

A new report shows the number of E85 ethanol »10/14/08 11:00am10/14/08 11:00am pumps in the U.S. has grown nearly 28% in the past year, surpassing the 1,800 mark with 1,693 available for public use. The states with the most E85 pumps are, as you'd expect, in the corn belt, including Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri. Just don't expect to find them in…

Escape From Berkeley, By Any Non-Petroleum Means Necessary!

This morning, I headed over to Shipyard Labs »10/11/08 7:45pm10/11/08 7:45pm in the Berkeley flatlands (not very coincidentally, located just a few blocks from the 24 Hours Of LeMons HQ in Emeryville) to witness preparations for the start of the race to Las Vegas. The rules are pretty simple: vehicles can't run on any form of petroleum fuel, they…

Fuel Up Only With Free Stuff You Find Along The Route: Berkeley To Vegas, No Petroleum!

The City of Berkeley is now a maximum security statist dystopia… Cars are illegal… Petroleum is a controlled substance… Now, geeks and gearheads unite to »10/10/08 4:20pm10/10/08 4:20pm escape from Berkeley That's right, a 600-mile race in vehicles not only prohibited from burning petroleum-based fuel but prohibited from along the way- it's all…

Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: The $100,000 Electric De Lorean!

Welcome to Nice Price Or Crack Pipe »10/02/08 8:00am10/02/08 8:00am, where make the call on vehicle asking prices. On Monday, we saw the most one-sided vote yet, with over 92% of you judging the price tag to be ridiculously high. The Syncro is pretty cool, all right, but how about one of John Z's Irish-built machines with the PRV V6 torn out and…

Project Car Hell, Pressure Drop Edition: Stanley Steamer or Gardner-Serpollet?

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Yesterday, we saw a cat-piss-enhanced, meth-head-damaged, Camaro-suspended '53 Chevy take a beating in the Choose Your Eternity poll at the hands of the Jaguar-powered, bugs-in-face… »8/12/08 5:20pm8/12/08 5:20pm

Project Car Hell, Arc-Weld Your Soul Edition: Electric 911 or Electric Spitfire?

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Yesterday, we saw the triple-'49-Mercury deal obliterate the six-four by what may be the biggest-ever margin in Choose Your Eternity Poll history: 80-20 for the Mercuries in the Low And Slow… »7/24/08 5:20pm7/24/08 5:20pm

1967 Mercury Cougar With OM617 Turbodiesel Should Run On Lard!

You want to drive a car powered by the most reliable automobile engine ever produced, you want to burn non-petroleum fuel, yet you don't want to drive a boring ol' Mercedes sedan like every other anti-dinosaur-juice diesel demon in town? Loyal reader Vance has pulled our coat about this '67 Cougar with a freshly… »6/11/08 8:00am6/11/08 8:00am