Krider Racing Wins 2008 24 Hours of LeMons Race At Altamont

The inaugural race of the 24 Hours of LeMons season just concluded and we're being told it looks like the winner's Krider Racing in their Integra. Murilee will have more shortly from Altamont but he predicts our very own Team Black Metal V8olvo will come in somewhere in the top 20. Give 'em all a round of applause for… »5/11/08 8:22pm5/11/08 8:22pm


Details, Driver Name Emerge In Tragic Altamont LeMons Crash

While Murilee and the rest of Team V8olvo musters on with thoughts still on yesterday's tragedy at the 24 Hours of Lemons race at Altamont, we here at the Jalopnik Detroit bureau are lending a helping hand with coverage. We've just received news from the Gulf 39 team on the identity of their teammate behind the wheel… »5/11/08 1:52pm5/11/08 1:52pm

Tragic Death Reported At Altamont 24 Hours of LeMons Race

We all saw the report from Murilee just under an hour ago, and now we're hearing from numerous sources that the 24 Hours of LeMons race has taken a tragic turn. Our sources tell us the driver of the Volvo 242 Turbo in Gulf Oil colors (pictured above before the race, and below from the Thunderhill LeMons race last year »5/10/08 8:03pm5/10/08 8:03pm

The LeMons People's Curse Award: Doomed 7-Series

One of the traditions of the 24 Hours of LeMons race is the People's Curse award, in which participants vote for their least favorite car. The "winner" of this vote is then destroyed early in Day Two, and let that be a lesson to jerky drivers and/or cheating teams who spend far over the $500 limit on their cars! At… »11/09/07 10:15am11/09/07 10:15am

More Smash: Can You Really Have Too Many Pumpkins Pics?

By now you've seen sexy Murilee's mondo-gallery of extra Pumpkin Smash pinups. Well, here's mine. The difference? Murilee has a $20 camera that fits in his pocket while I have a huge rig costing over a grand. And his photos look better. That's an art school education for you. Real quick: all pit shots are pre-race.… »10/29/07 5:00pm10/29/07 5:00pm