Renault's Alpine Celebration Concept Is Super Gorgeous

Porsche may have been the winner at Le Mans, but it was a pretty big day for Renault, too. The French manufacturer unveiled their Alpine Celebration, although we know a lot more about the outside of the car than the inside. It’s definitely a pretty car to look at, even if the press release doesn’t contain much… »6/14/15 11:23am6/14/15 11:23am

Back In Blue : News From The Small World Of French Sports Cars

As some of you may know, the Signatech-Alpine team recently won the European Le Mans Series championship in the LMP2 class. Thanks to their definitely brand-new Alpine A450 that is definitely not an Oreca 03 painted blue with Alpine written on it, the French team has secured victory thanks to three podium finishes and… »10/05/13 3:28pm10/05/13 3:28pm

These Amazing Thai Knockoff Supercars Might Be The Greatest Car-Art Projects Ever

Our recent stories on those shady scam replica-car builders reminded me of something I've been meaning to write about for a long time: an amazing project from artist Tobias Rehberger that's all about making replicas of cars. And not your usual, boring, beautiful, carefully-crafted, hyper-accurate replicas; these… »3/21/13 12:30pm3/21/13 12:30pm