Jalopnik Guide To GM Global Platforms And College Greek Organizations

As a proud graduate of the University of Texas, there was a time when I knew all the letters of the Greek alphabet and all the fraternities and sororities that corresponded to them. There was also a time when I thought I knew all of the GM platforms and their associated Greek letters. Recently I've noticed that I'm… »1/23/08 2:00pm1/23/08 2:00pm

Cadillac to Get Smaller, Rear-Drive Sedan, Confound BMW

Shades of Cimarron, or a new 3-Series rival? That's the question on the blackboard today, considering a report from Automotive News. Apparently, Cadillac's building a smaller, rear-wheel-drive model to slot below the CTS. The new model will ride on the company's coming Alpha platform, offering a lower point of entry… »10/08/07 7:25am10/08/07 7:25am

GM, UAW Agreement Details Out In Open: GM Alpha RWD Platform Confirmed!

We'd already heard the speculation GM's been looking to take little pieces of the Kappa and Zeta platforms to create a new small-to-medium size rear-wheel-drive platform called Alpha. Now we've got confirmation by way of the product plan leakiness that is the UAW contract "highlights" book. The "product commitments"… »9/29/07 11:15am9/29/07 11:15am

New York Auto Show Preview: The H3 Coulda Had A V8, So Now It Does

Looks like the best laid plans of mice and men are plans easily laid low by a HummerGuy. The site all about the vehicular BJ is reporting via a standard embargo break that the 2008 Hummer H2 »3/26/07 7:19pm3/26/07 7:19pm

And in addition to the pictures below, here's what he's got to say on the H3 Alpha: Now it'll have some power to move all…

Frankenstein Continues To Go Greek: GM's New RWD Platform To Be Named Alpha, Get Pieces Of Kappa And Zeta

According to the Road which bends in a Winding manner, the General's set to debut a new small-to-medium-size vehicle platform that the automaker's calling "Alpha." They're claiming the new franken-platform's going to incorporate pieces of the Kappa architecture and the Zeta architecture to create a brand new… »3/22/07 2:00pm3/22/07 2:00pm