One Man's Quest To Get Oversight For Insurance Company Repair Programs

We like to think our skills as automotive wonks are fairly well-honed, but Mr. Eversman at AutoMuse makes us and our little Rules Of The Road feature look amateurish. If you'll remember, he was the one who brought the Allstate repair case to our attention. Now he's taking aim at the "direct repair" or "concierge"… »3/07/08 1:15pm3/07/08 1:15pm

Allstate Really Wants To Own Repair Shops, Goes To Supremes

Those who thought they were in good hands with Allstate may not have noticed those hands were jacking them off. Insurance company Allstate owns a stake in body shops across the country through company Sterling Autobody Centers. This didn't go over well in Texas where a law was passed to stop this obviously horrible… »1/09/08 2:15pm1/09/08 2:15pm

Allstate Giving Away 20,000 Gallons Of Free Gas In Warren, MI Today!

Allstate's rewarding the city of Warren, MI for its improvement in their national ranking of safe drivers with 20,000 gallons of free gas — to be handed out today in ten gallon fill-ups to any and all comers. The insurance company studied the driving records of residents of cities across 'merica and found Warren… »6/14/07 9:45am6/14/07 9:45am