Ford Execs Compare Current Taurus To...Homer Simpson?!

It was almost a year ago today that we stood in a meeting room at McCormick Place in Chicago and listened to Mark Fields go on and on about how big of a deal renaming the Ford Five Hundred the Ford Taurus was going to be. And then they sold 20% less in 2007 than they did in 2006. But they're ready to admit they made a… »1/29/08 11:00pm1/29/08 11:00pm


Falling Dollar Nixes FoMoCo's Import Plan for Euro Crossover

With Ford Europe's designs, products and profits soaring over FoMoCo's code-red balance sheet like a giant foam finger, CEO Alan Mulally was hot to set the division's halo atop the head of Lincoln. In particular, as Automotive News reports, he'd wanted to import a version of Ford Europe's new European crossover —… »5/14/07 8:05am5/14/07 8:05am

Damn You April Fools Day: Ford to Reintroduce the 'Scort? Not

Even a day after, the whole April fool's day deal is infecting our newsgathering brains. We were thisclose to posting on a Car and Driver report that Ford was planning to rebrand its Focus as an Escort. Then we got to a quote from Mark Fields, who said Escort fans had been disappointed their beloved 'Scort had been… »4/02/07 11:54am4/02/07 11:54am