Not-So-Big Three Bake Sale Raises Enough To Fund CEO Salaries

With all this talk of corporate jets, slumming it on road trips and idling hybrids, it’s easy to lose track of the human cost of Carpocalypse Now. Has anyone thought of the standard of living adjustment the Big 3 CEOs will have to take when their salaries are cut from tens of millions to a paltry $1-per-year? One man… »12/05/08 12:40pm12/05/08 12:40pm

GM CEO Rick Wagoner Rolls Up To Capitol Hill In Cruze-Covered Chevy Volt Mule

We didn't have the video of Wagoner pulling up in the Chevy Volt mule dressed up in the skin of a Chevy Cruze earlier. Now we do. We also have to say, we're pretty happy with how the Cruze looks in motion. Pretty snazzy if you ask us. We'll take ours with a turbo 1.4-liter four-banger rather than the Volt innards and… »12/04/08 10:15am12/04/08 10:15am

SNL Sketch Takes On Not-So-Big Three Congressional Hearing

Saturday Night Live took on the not-so-Big Three's congressional »11/24/08 10:00am11/24/08 10:00am and in this weekend's "cold open," and unfortunately fell into the trap of shamelessly mocking tired stereotypes. Which is sad, because we'd watched SNL take on a new level of relevancy as of late thanks to the uber-adorable Tina Fey and an election…

Congressman Urges Automaker CEOs To "Jetpool" When Heading To DC Begging For Money

New York Congressman Gary Ackerman feasts upon a buffet of "delicious irony" as he asks the CEOs from the Not-So-Big Three to perhaps save some cash and fuel by using a single jet together rather than individual private jets from Detroit to D.C. to beg for bailout dollars from the Feds »11/19/08 5:50pm11/19/08 5:50pm. We even hear Reagan National's…

Not-So-Big Three Automakers Take Corporate Jets To Beg For Money From Congress

It's probably a bad thing to fly a private jet from Detroit to Washington, DC when you're going to ask Congress to provide you a multi-billion dollar loan to bail you out of a financial crisis. That fact hasn't stopped Ford's Alan Mulally, along with the heads of the other automakers, who not only flew to D.C. in the… »11/19/08 12:00pm11/19/08 12:00pm

Ford Meets With Tracinda, Probably Asked Kerkorian Not To Hurt Them

The week after taking a 5.5% stake in Ford Motor Co., representatives of investment tycoon and corporate raider Kirk Kerkorian's Tracinda Corporation had a little chat with Ford CEO Alan Mulally and executive chairman Bill Ford to discuss [random speculation]. While the meeting was described by Ford representatives as… »6/18/08 8:40am6/18/08 8:40am

Ford To Keep Volvo, Move Brand Upscale And Into Diesel-Electric Hybrids?

After parading Volvo through every private equity firm and flea market, Ford Motor Company is now, as expected, planning to hold on to the Swedish automaker. But Ford CEO Alan Mulally's commitment to Volvo isn't unconditional. Ford wants to shape Volvo into a true luxury brand to rival companies like BMW,… »12/04/07 1:15pm12/04/07 1:15pm

Pretty Press Shots Of Ford CEO Alan Mulally — In Case You Need Them For Anything

We're not really sure why, but the folks at FoMoCo just dropped a bunch of steamy hot pics of Ford CEO Alan Mulally speaking up at Traverse City onto their press site. And since we're really not sure why anyone would care (OK, maybe this had something to do with it), we thought we'd just drop them into a post and let… »8/08/07 6:00pm8/08/07 6:00pm