Concours D'Ignorance Postponed Until 2009, Crap Car Connoisseurs Wait Impatiently

In what is probably one of the greatest press communications ever issued, Alan Galbraith, the brains behind Billettproof, has let us know the first Concours D'Ignorance will have to wait another year. We're a bit disappointed that we have to wait until 2009 to celebrate the eye-gougingly bad in automotive history, but… »7/15/08 9:40am7/15/08 9:40am


Concours D'Ignorance May Be Greatest Idea In Auto Show History

Does the world really need an anti-Concours D'Elegance, something to celebrate everything horribly spectacular in the automobile world? Yes, yes, and yes! The genius behind the Billetproof car show (which will be happening in Davisburg, Michigan this weekend), Alan Galbraith, is at it again and proposing a new show to… »6/04/08 5:40pm6/04/08 5:40pm