Volkswagen Will Build Plant In Chattanooga, Tennessee

Volkswagen will build its first American plant since the 1980's in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The city bested competing bids from Alabama and Michigan for the plant, which will cost up to $1 billion to build and could employ as many as 2,000 workers. Chattanooga had a major advantage due to the state's lack of unions and… » 7/15/08 10:51am 7/15/08 10:51am

Fearing Cooties, Democrats Get Vaccinated Before NASCAR Events

In a move seemingly calculated to enrage Southern racing fans, who tend to get pissed off when perceived as hookwormy, disease-ridden third-worlders by folks from Yankeeland, Democratic staffers on the House Committee For Homeland Security recommended that those planning to attend NASCAR events in North Carolina and… » 10/12/07 8:30am 10/12/07 8:30am

Driver Arrested For Flipping Off Cop Awarded $3000

A judge in Mobile, Alabama, saying that police officers must have "thicker skin" than the general public, has ordered that the Mobile Police Department pay Addison DeBoi $3000 after his arrest on disorderly-conduct charges for giving the finger to a police officer from his car. DeBoi wanted 10 Gs to compensate for the… » 8/06/07 1:30pm 8/06/07 1:30pm

Top Gear Tours Alabama in American Hoopties

There are some places we've been in this country that have actively frightened us. For example, Hunter's Point in San Francisco. Also notably Ozona, a wide spot in Interstate 10 where we stopped for gas while driving a So-Cal Speed Shop Plymouth Prowler from Pomona to Houston on a ten-day roadtrip. Pulling into tha… » 2/12/07 8:00am 2/12/07 8:00am

Points In Alabama's Favor: Rocket Silverado

We somewhat famously have angst regarding 'Bama. All chick-related crap aside, it is simply not our sort of place. And well, that's basically that, other than it feels vaguely threatening. However, as co-builder John Bossard pointed out to Iowahawk, "When you're from Alabama, rockets and pickup trucks just go… » 11/07/06 2:50am 11/07/06 2:50am

The Zen + Math of Rock Crawling in the FJ Cruiser

An ex-girlfriend with whom I still have somewhat of a volatile relationship lives in Birmingham, Alabama. This would generally be rather unimportant, other than I felt like I needed to go and stare down the city she bailed on me for. So when Toyota offered me and three other various internet personalities a shot at… » 10/16/06 3:43pm 10/16/06 3:43pm

Redneck Yellowjackets Practice Urban Renewal In '55 Chevy

Much like dogs love trucks, yellowjackets apparently love cars. We discovered this the hard way a few years back when a mean-spirited stinging insect jabbed us in the back while we were leaving a stoplight, causing us nearly to put our old Legend into a hedge. Nevertheless, we're once again quite stoked that we don't… » 8/23/06 9:15pm 8/23/06 9:15pm