Wagoner Says G****l W*****g Not A Crock Of Something

Let's put our hands together for Rick Wagoner, the CEO and Chairman of General Motors, who just discovered how to clean up after his s**t-loving Vice-Chairman, "Maximum" Bob Lutz. It was exactly a month ago when we first told you about product czar "Maximum" Bob's claim that global warming was simply a crock… »3/12/08 5:05pm3/12/08 5:05pm

A More Convenient Truth: Al Gore Trades In Toyota For A Ford Hybrid

Looks like Al Gore's decided that it may be a bit inconvenient for him to be telling all this truth on the environment while driving what we're assuming is a non-hybrid a Lexus. The former Veep's following his boss and thinking Ford first. Gore's trading in his ToMoCo-made Lexus for a brand-spanking-new 2007 Mercury… »3/26/07 11:30am3/26/07 11:30am