Here's AJ Foyt Backhanding Arie Luyendyk In The Face

Super Tex, aka AJ Foyt, aka one of America's most successful home grown race car drivers, turns 80 today. Here he is backhanding fellow Indy 500 winner Arie Luyendyk in the face. » 1/16/15 12:12pm 1/16/15 12:12pm

Every Sport Is Full Of Lance Armstrongs

If you've been so busy making tender love to your fake girlfriend and you've been unable to catch the news let me fill you in: Lance Armstrong admitted to cheating. Many of us did know that Lance Armstrong doped throughout his career, and a few nights back, he finally fessed up.

Cheating in sports is unfortunately… » 1/21/13 2:00pm 1/21/13 2:00pm

How To Win A Post-Race Fight

Did anybody even notice that Kevin Harvick won the penultimate NASCAR Sprint Cup race this past weekend? Or that Brad Keselowski is on the verge of clinching his first title? Hell no, because we were all too busy watching Clint Bowyer, Jeff Gordon and a million of their respective crew members beat the crap out of one… » 11/12/12 4:00pm 11/12/12 4:00pm

A.J. Foyt Hospitalized, Will Miss Daytona 24

Legendary racer A.J. Foyt is in a hospital in Houston following complications from knee surgery. The 77-year-old racer was supposed to be the grand marshall at the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona this weekend, but an infection has sidelined him so he will remain in Houston. » 1/27/12 4:45pm 1/27/12 4:45pm

This is the first bottle of champagne sprayed after winning a race

You'd think that the tradition of spraying a bottle of champagne from the winner's podium after a race was as old as sports itself. It's not. It didn't start until 1967 when Dan Gurney did it for the first time after winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This was the bottle he used. » 8/12/11 2:00pm 8/12/11 2:00pm

Donald Trump replaced by 76-year-old as Indy 500 pace car driver

Four-time Indianapolis 500 winner A.J. Foyt will replace four-time bankruptcy court visitor Donald Trump as driver of the Indy 500 pace car during its 100th anniversary later this month. Can we get him to wear the hair helmet? » 5/06/11 11:45am 5/06/11 11:45am

Longtime Indianapolis 500 announcer Tom Carnegie dies at 91

For over 60 years, Tom Carnegie was the voice of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Seen here giving a post race interview, it was Carnegie's booming voice that announced every Indianapolis 500 race from 1946-2006. » 2/12/11 9:00am 2/12/11 9:00am

Ten Quirky Motoring Gifts For the Petrolhead You Love

Do you know car people? Are you a car person? There is a world of awesome holiday gift opportunities out there beyond Porsche watches and Nascar cufflinks. Here's our selection of the weird and wonderful. » 12/15/10 2:30pm 12/15/10 2:30pm

Great Achievements in Motorsport: AJ Foyt Interview

While there may or may not have been any more Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones in 1977, it was certainly the year that AJ Foyt won his fourth Indy 500. Tune in as Jim McKay, Jackie Stewart, and Chris Economaki don the mustard yellow sports jackets to bring you the constant variety of sport, then say so long… » 6/07/07 2:00pm 6/07/07 2:00pm

Foyt Wins The Indy Five Hunnert!

The early-to-mid 1960s were a time of tumult at Indianapolis. The engines had begun to shift from the front to the rear, and the track was still claiming victims with somewhat alarming regularity. However, Colin Chapman's motto wasn't "Simplicate and add durability," (otherwise, one thinks, he would've been running… » 9/18/06 11:15pm 9/18/06 11:15pm

Foyt On Indy

While we were growing up, A.J. Foyt was the baddest ass on four wheels. We had a toy version of one of his Coyote racers. We rooted for him every year at the Brickyard at our grandparents' house, back when the 500 was tape-delayed and shown in the evening. He's bare-knuckled, rough-and-tumble, and he won LeMans with… » 6/01/06 3:30pm 6/01/06 3:30pm

Sam Hornish Claims Texas, We're All, 'Wha?'

Having lived in the Lone Star State and having fallen in love with at least two too many women from it, we still don't quite claim Texas. Sure, we've got a bit of Tejas cred, and we love the place. We're anxiously looking forward to our forward-til-death Route 66 roadtrip out there in two months which will be… » 5/31/06 12:49am 5/31/06 12:49am