Electric Taxiing Motors Could Save Airlines Millions Of Dollars

Mexican airline Interjet has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Honeywell and Safran, developers of the Electric Green Taxiing System (EGTS), to become the first airline in the Americas to use the system which will save airlines up to $450,000 per plane, per year once it comes to market. » 4/13/14 10:04am Sunday 10:04am

How Much Info About Your Plane Do You Really Need To Know?

In the shadow of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 investigation, there have been calls from industry experts and insiders to make the industry more transparent, specifically making more information about the plane, its cargo and its history available. But what do passengers really have a right, versus a need, to know? » 3/25/14 2:04pm 3/25/14 2:04pm

How to Find Out If Your Flight Has In-Seat Power Outlets

Got a 5 hour flight but only an hour or two worth of battery left on your gadgets? Depending on your airline, you may have a power outlet or USB port in your seat. Here's how to find out which planes have some extra juice to give. » 10/15/13 3:53pm 10/15/13 3:53pm

In-Flight Wealth Disparity Is Hastening America’s Cultural Revolution

These bourgeois pigs in business class must be purged from our skies. Why let them board an airplane early, free from the desperate urge to jostle for a space in the overhead bin for their sensible leather carry-on just so they can sip mimosas and sneer at the poor, corn syrup-coated plebes seated in zones 2 through 6… » 8/18/13 8:56pm 8/18/13 8:56pm

Book Certain Flights on Weekends For Cheaper Fares

While a lot of airlines will offer sales at the beginning of the work week, if you can't find a special deal, you might save some money by booking your flight during the weekend. » 6/22/13 3:23pm 6/22/13 3:23pm

How to Get Your Luggage Back When the Airline Loses It

You've just arrived in Orlando for a holiday with the in-laws, and your bags are on vacation as well—in South Dakota. Here's how to get your worldly possessions back and get on with your relaxing. » 6/15/13 1:42pm 6/15/13 1:42pm

Did a Delta Employee Pee All Over This Guy's Luggage?

It's been a bad month for Delta. On the heels of the firestorm over baggage fees the airline was charging soldiers returning from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan comes a story from a British man named Sy Haze, who is accusing Delta of peeing all over his clothes and stealing aftershave from his luggage, among… » 6/22/11 3:21am 6/22/11 3:21am