Air India Held A Job Fair And No One Showed Up

Air India hosted a job fair earlier this week in hopes of filling at least some of the 197 vacant pilot spots for its Airbus fleet, alone. Not a single applicant showed up. Not. One. » 3/19/15 7:30pm 3/19/15 7:30pm

The Best Time For An In-Flight Smoke Is Right Before A Drunken Diatribe

This airline passenger of questionable sanity/sobriety, on a flight from Nicaragua to Miami, goes on an epic rant then gets caught lighting up. In two separate videos, tragically shot vertically, our crazy lady is shown puffing away before stashing her still-lit smoke in the seat pocket, and then it got weird. » 3/16/15 8:40pm 3/16/15 8:40pm

Woman Arrested for Smoking on Plane, Yelling About Venezuela for 2 Hours

On a flight from Nicaragua to Miami Sunday, a woman decided to test American Airlines' "no smoking" rule by lighting up on the plane. Even though everyone had seen her (and some of her fellow passengers were taking video), she tried to pin it on the guy sitting next to her. As in-flight annoyances go, smoking in an… » 3/16/15 6:30pm 3/16/15 6:30pm

Airbrushing The Aurora Borealis On A Plane Is Mesmerizingly Beautiful

Airline livery is generally more design than art, but Icelandair sought to change that, commissioning artists to recreate one of the most stunning natural visuals in the world on its Boeing 757. » 2/06/15 5:45pm 2/06/15 5:45pm

Here's Why Flight Attendants Don't Like Being Called 'Stewardess'

Flight attendants have a job that holds a lot of prestige in the eyes of most travelers, and they get called a lot of different things while doing their jobs — waitress, m'am, hey you, miss, air hostess, and trolley dolly. But one moniker that has pretty much gone out the emergency exit door is "stewardess," and… » 1/07/15 9:10am 1/07/15 9:10am

Planes In Slow Motion Are Even More Beautiful

Sometimes you have to take a step back and slow things down to really appreciate the finer things in life. When we rush to make a connecting flight or cuss the long security line we overlook the technological marvel that aviation is. This video will help you appreciate the wonder of flight. » 1/06/15 3:20pm 1/06/15 3:20pm

The Thought Of A Single-Pilot Airliner Is Just A Bit Scary

There's an old pilot joke about cockpit automation that says the ideal flight crew is a pilot and a dog. The pilot is there to feed the dog, and the dog is there to bite the pilot if he touches anything. Getting closer to that reality, NASA is studying flying airliners with only one pilot, and I don't like the idea.… » 1/06/15 12:35pm 1/06/15 12:35pm

Virgin Atlantic 747 Lands Safely After Landing Gear Malfunction

A technical issue with the landing gear of the Boeing 747 Flight VS43 out of London Gatwick, forced the aircraft to circle the skies of England, eventually making a safe but dramatic landing at the Sussex airport, as seen below. » 12/29/14 11:20am 12/29/14 11:20am

United Airlines Allegedly Leaves Caged Dog Unattended In The Cold Rain

I've heard the expression that working on the ramp at an airport is "like working in a fish bowl." Everybody sees what you are doing, and you never know who might be watching. This morning, a Twitter user snapped a photo of a pet kennel, allegedly containing a dog, sitting unprotected from the rain. » 12/28/14 2:37pm 12/28/14 2:37pm

That Time An Airline Gave Itself A Boob Job

Even if you don't live in Europe, you've probably heard of Ryanair. Their level of excellence is about equal to that of Spirit Airlines here in the U.S. for its pricing methodologies and harebrained marketing schemes. But Ryanair once enhanced its image, by giving its corporate logo a breast augmentation. » 12/10/14 9:15am 12/10/14 9:15am

Delta Now Serves Craft Beer to Help You Forget How Awful Delta Is

Anytime you go careening through the air in a giant metal tube full of strangers and recirculated air, you're probably not going to have a great time. The airlines make sure of this. So to help ease the pain and/or lack of personal space, this week, Delta will start serving beer that doesn't taste like poison wrought… » 12/08/14 4:00pm 12/08/14 4:00pm

WestJet Pulls Off Another Beautiful 'Christmas Miracle'

People love to hate on airlines at every opportunity, and most of the time, it's justifiable. But Canada's low-cost carrier, WestJet surprised a village in the Dominican Republic, created an early Christmas and gave some spectacular gifts. Just watch the video and see if your eyes don't well up. » 12/04/14 9:00am 12/04/14 9:00am

The Best Time and Time of Day to Book Airline Tickets

If you're looking for a deal on airfare, common wisdom is to book early and be flexible with your dates. While flexibility is good, the advance part may cost you money. Peter Greenberg, CBS News' travel editor, shared some of his tips to save money and avoid costly mistakes when booking airfare. » 1/24/14 5:30am 1/24/14 5:30am

JetBlue Seats Are About to Get Even More Cramped

It's a dark day for personal space bubbles everywhere: JetBlue is about to cram 15 more seats into its Airbus A320. What's more, after being one of the only remaining major airline holdouts, it's also finally caving in and tacking on baggage fees. Delightful. » 11/19/14 10:21am 11/19/14 10:21am

Ex-Ferrari Boss Montezemolo Hired To Revamp 'Europe's Sexiest Airline'

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who stepped down from the Chairmanship of Ferrari last month because the company had become "too American," has been lined up to take the Chairman job at Italian airline Alitalia after it merges with Abu Dhabi-based outfit Etihad Airways. » 11/10/14 12:22pm 11/10/14 12:22pm

737 MAX Becomes Boeing's Fastest-Selling Plane Ever

Boeing and Monarch Airlines finalized a deal today for 30 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, at a list price of $3.2 billion. The order put the MAX at 2,325 orders from 48 customers, making it the fastest-selling commercial plane in the company's history. » 10/31/14 1:30pm 10/31/14 1:30pm

Five Worst Airlines

In honor of Evil Week, we're switching up the Hive a little bit. Normally we look for the five best, but this week we're looking for the five worst—specifically the worst airlines in the skies. The ones that should be grounded, or have fees so high, customer service so terrible, planes so uncomfortable, or routes so… » 10/26/14 8:00am 10/26/14 8:00am

Virgin America's 6-Hour Spoof Flight Is Boring And Creepy

Virgin America has posted an interesting new video on YouTube, portraying what it's like to fly on the average airline from coast to coast for 6 hours. The video uses creepy moving mannequins as passengers, and takes us through all of the terrible scenarios we dread. » 10/16/14 10:00am 10/16/14 10:00am

US Airways Flight Attendant Refused To Hang Army Ranger's Jacket

Passengers on a U.S. Airways flight from Portland, Oregon to Charlotte, North Carolina are sharing an outrageous story of disrespect from a flight attendant toward an Army Ranger and combat veteran. He asked to have his "Dress Blues" uniform jacket hung, but the flight attendant refused, citing company policy. » 10/10/14 3:02am 10/10/14 3:02am

America's Newest Airline Has Suspended Service

PeoplExpress, the reincarnation of the 1980s low fare juggernaut that made the mistake of growing too big, too fast the first time around has already suspended service, though they airline says they plan to fly again soon. They've only been flying since June 30th of this year. » 9/26/14 3:22pm 9/26/14 3:22pm