Bridgestone's Futuristic Airless-Tires Are Almost Ready For Your Car

Bridgestone continues to taunt us with its wonderful airless tires that promise enhanced durability, minimal maintenance, and the ability to never go flat. Previously, the tiremaker was only demonstrating smaller versions of the wheel designed for golf carts and the like, but at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show it's finally‚Ķ » 11/22/13 11:08am 11/22/13 11:08am

Resilient Technologies Non-Pneumatic Tires Planned For 2011

Since Michelin's been dragging its wheels forever on the Tweel project, Resilient Technologies announced a competitor called, unimaginatively, the Non-Pneumatic Tire (NPT), which is being developed with US Military cooperation with planned prototype delivery scheduled for late 2011. » 11/04/09 5:15pm 11/04/09 5:15pm