America's New Carrier Launch System May Suck But Damn Does It Look Fun

The United States Navy’s been having a lot of problems getting its electromagnetic catapult system, known as EMALS, to work reliably on its new aircraft carriers. But just because things aren’t reliable from the get-go doesn’t mean their testing doesn’t look neat as hell. » 6/19/15 4:24pm 6/19/15 4:24pm

The Flight Deck Of An Aircraft Carrier Is Loud As Hell

Most people have seen videos of carrier flight deck operations before, but usually they’re overlaid with sounds of OONTZ OONTZ and DOOT DOOT and some other heavy metal and/or electronic dance music garbage. That’s because in real life, a carrier flight deck is louder than pretty much anything else. » 6/02/15 9:30pm 6/02/15 9:30pm