Plane Porn - Inside Hyundai's Boeing 737 Business Jet

There are private jets, and there are corporate jets. Private jets get you there in style and comfort, while corporate jets make a statement. This week at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention on Orlando, I toured Hyundai's Boeing 737-700 Business Jet, so let's check it out. » 10/25/14 2:01pm 10/25/14 2:01pm

How WWI Shaped Air Combat — And Still Influences Modern Missions


Planes first appeared over a century ago, but they've changed considerably since then. What hasn't changed, however, is their role in controlling the air, striking, reconnaissance, and mobility — the roots of which go back back to the first World War. » 10/16/14 11:31am 10/16/14 11:31am

An Up-Close Tour of the C-17 Globemaster, the Giant That Flies

With sinuous lines, flawless grey skin, and four powerful turbofan engines straight out of a contemporary sci-fi movie, the iconic C-17 Globemaster has a surprisingly spacious exterior, with a 170,858 pound maximum payload. Inside, it's a total mess of cables, wires, pipes, and hundreds of gadgets that the average… » 7/01/14 10:24am 7/01/14 10:24am

27 high tension photos of NATO jets intercepting Russian warplanes

This week interception of Russian warplanes by NATO Typhoon fighters reminds me of the time in which the world was on the brink of total nuclear annihilation, when Soviet forces taunted the Americans to test their defenses. This image collection shows that part of a Cold War that seems reactivated right now. » 6/21/14 9:30am 6/21/14 9:30am

Mil Porn: Canyon, Or Should I Say Crevice Flying In A Hellenic AF F-4

A view through the front windscreen and HUD of a Hellenic AF F-4E as it transitions down a very tight canyon with a pretty serious obstacle ahead! If you look at the HUD it shows that the Phantom doing 358kts and according to the flight path indicator (little circle with wings) that the aircraft is currently on the… » 3/04/14 1:26pm 3/04/14 1:26pm

This retired architect builds marvelous model boats that fly

Suspended from the ceiling of Luigi Prina's studio is a gorgeous alternate history of flight. He builds delicate vessels from balsa wood, paper, and elastic bands, that are light enough to sail through the air. » 11/23/13 5:30pm 11/23/13 5:30pm

The New Fastest Helicopter on Earth Can Fly at an Insane 300MPH

Most helicopters are built for hovering, not for speed. But the Eurocopter X3 is built for both. The demonstrator tilt-rotor aircraft proved as much when it set a pair of air speed records earlier this month. » 6/17/13 5:30pm 6/17/13 5:30pm

The Amazing History and Figures of the First Nuclear-Powered Aircraft…

The USS Enterprise, the first nuclear aircraft carrier in the world, has been officially retired today at a ceremony in Norfolk, Virginia—special appearance by Captain Kirk included. Since her comissioning in November 1961, she has served under ten Commanders-in-Chief, including John F. Kennedy during the Cuban… » 12/02/12 9:25am 12/02/12 9:25am

The Air Force's Hypersonic Plane Fails 16 Seconds Into Test Flight

Yesterday, the Air Force was planning on running a 300-second test of the Waverider X51A, its hypersonic craft that should be capable of speeds in excess of Mach 6. » 8/15/12 3:20pm 8/15/12 3:20pm

How Can This Aircraft Carrier Be In The Middle Of A Desert Storm?

It looks like an airfield runway in the middle of the desert, but this is actually the deck of the the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. The ship was navigating across the Arabian Sea on March 19 when a powerful sand storm crossed her path. » 3/21/12 10:00am 3/21/12 10:00am

Two Supercarriers Side By Side Look Awesome, Are Bad News

These are the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS John C. Stennis, two of the ten nuclear-powered Nimitz-class aircraft supercarriers in service with the United States Navy. The Lincoln just arrived to the Strait of Hormuz as tension keeps mounting up in the area. » 1/23/12 9:30am 1/23/12 9:30am

Trial Run: The World's First Aircraft Carrier In Action

In three months between 1910 and 1911, the plane you see here became the first ever to take off from and land on runways aboard the USS Birmingham and USS Pennsylvania carriers, respectively. Recently, photos from both experiments were uncovered. » 12/28/10 10:52am 12/28/10 10:52am

How Detroit's Aircraft Production Dream Crashed and Burned

Once, Detroit's carmakers wanted to be the nation's aircraft kings. For a short time during World War II, they were. Then things fell apart. Dr. Daniel Uziel of The Future of Things explains what happened. —Ed. » 5/04/10 12:00pm 5/04/10 12:00pm

Honduras: World's Trickiest Landing

A night landing on the moving deck of an aircraft carrier has always been regarded as the most difficult landing approach for aviators. We think the Toncontín Airport in Honduras might actually beat that. » 6/26/09 11:00am 6/26/09 11:00am

Non-Buick Skyhawk Literally Down On The Alameda Street

Alameda was once the home of the second-biggest Navy base on the West Coast, and as a result we have a few examples of what some locals call "Planes On Sticks" in town. Several are Douglas A-4 Skyhawks; these were the aircraft equivalent of the runs-til-doomsday Slant Six Dodge Dart back in the day and thus were… » 3/03/08 8:00am 3/03/08 8:00am

Give the People What They Want: Ekranoplans For All!

We have to say, when it comes to Soviet military hardware, we've got what most would consider more than a passing familiarity, given our childhood obsession with books on WWII-present planes, boats, tanks and other various and sundry killng machines, not to mention a pubescent summer spent devouring the Tom Clancy… » 5/24/07 7:45pm 5/24/07 7:45pm

Gee Willikers, Anatoly! Ekranoplan!

The Russians are great at building fearsome, crazy things. Take, for example, the AH-64 Apache. It's not cute. It's certainly deadly. But is it nearly as scary as the Mil Hind? That thing was so nuttily freakish that under some circumstances it was in danger of falling out of the sky if it stopped moving! Or say,… » 5/24/07 6:15pm 5/24/07 6:15pm

Bangled Airbus: BMW Design Shows off Airline Interior

Watchers of the upscale, Born Rich, found a shot of an Airbus prototype with an interior that's the product of BMW Designworks, the company's artsy-fartsy division headed by director Chris Bangle. Designworks, which pens everything from watches to lamps to cars and motorcycles fitted the A350 twinjet with spacious… » 3/16/06 12:17pm 3/16/06 12:17pm