An Indian Airline Just Placed A $25.7 Billion Airplane Order

India's IndiGo Airlines signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Airbus on Wednesday: a firm order for 250 Airbus A320neo aircraft, a deal that the list price values at $25.7 billion. This is the largest order ever placed for commercial planes, displacing the previous 230-plane order for Boeing's 737 by Lion… » 10/15/14 2:02pm Wednesday 2:02pm

Deployable Recorders Can Help Locate Crashed Aircraft

After the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 this March, the biggest hinderance to the investigation has been the lack of data from the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder, presumedly submerged with the rest of the wreckage. But now Airbus will implement a solution for future… » 10/08/14 4:45pm 10/08/14 4:45pm

The New Airbus A350 Will Be Ready For All Your Streaming Needs

Honeywell Aerospace and Thales In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity announced today at APEX 2014 that they will provide "the same connectivity experience in-flight as they would have at home or work" by integrating Honeywell's JetWave hardware with Thales' cabin network solutions on the new Airbus A350. » 9/16/14 11:26pm 9/16/14 11:26pm

Airbus's Crazy Looking Beluga Transport Plane Just Turned 20 years Old

One of the strangest-looking yet important planes ever created has reached its 20th birthday — the Airbus "Beluga" transport plane. The Beluga is a highly modified Airbus A300, and named for its resemblance to the Beluga Whale. Airbus has marked the occasion with a video about the plane. » 9/15/14 4:06pm 9/15/14 4:06pm

Updated Airbus A330 "NEO" Gets New Engines, Wings And Cabin

After months of speculation within the industry, Airbus officially announced a major update to its popular A330 long-haul jet today at the Farnborough air show. The A330neo will feature interior upgrades including all LED lighting, more efficient engines, and aerodynamic improvements. The new plane has already… » 7/14/14 4:24pm 7/14/14 4:24pm

Boeing Issues $5.2 Trillion 20-Year Market Forecast

Between now and the year 2033, Boeing is anticipating a worldwide demand for nearly 37,000 new passenger planes, worth an estimated $5.2 trillion. Boeing also expects a 4.2 percent increase in global passenger traffic over this period. And you thought planes and airports were crowded now? » 7/10/14 11:15am 7/10/14 11:15am

Airbus Marks 40 Years Of Service For Its Game-Changing A300

This week, Airbus is celebrating the fortieth anniversary of its A300's entry into service. The A300B was the first commercial airliner produced by Airbus — a joint venture between France and Germany. It first flew on September 28, 1972, and Air France took delivery of the first production plane on May 10, 1974,… » 5/13/14 8:48pm 5/13/14 8:48pm