Philippines' Special Forces Recruitment Video Kicks Ass At Kicking Ass

I’ve seen a lot of military recruitment and promotional videos, and most of the time they just seem like either over-produced Michael Bay wanna-be junk or slogan rich diatribes that try to pull on a few viewers heart strings. The Philippines Special Forces took another, more straight forward route that really gives a… »8/06/15 7:30pm8/06/15 7:30pm


Red Devils Parachute Team Members Work Together To Survive Entanglement

I didn’t run this story yesterday because I couldn’t figure out exactly what occurred here. All the major outlets were reporting that a parachute failed and that another Red Devils team member came to the stricken skydiver’s rescue. But that really sounded odd. It turns out, as I suspected, that the two jumpers got… »6/21/15 3:08pm6/21/15 3:08pm

This Video Is The Result Of A Wingsuit, A GoPro And A Death Wish

Wingsuits allow humans to fly like birds, at least for a finite period of time. As such, the combination of speed and using your body for control is clearly highly addictive, and as you can see in the video below, totally exhilarating. The truth is that there are also clear military applications for the technology… »4/07/15 10:25am4/07/15 10:25am

Paratrooper Is Dropped Into Tall Trees, Pulls Off Incredible Landing

Getting dropped into a forest during a static-line jump can end up in pretty horrific injuries, and even death. Mostly because you're basically coming down on a bunch of hundred-foot-plus spears. This Canadian Paratrooper, who jumped out of a C-130 during Exercise Maple Flag, quickly put his training to use, and with… »3/25/15 6:21pm3/25/15 6:21pm

Watch This Paratrooper Become A Flailing Ragdoll Attached To A Plane

This Mexican paratrooper jumped into a mess of used static lines and is seen being towed by the jump aircraft mercilessly. There is little information about how this ended, hopefully the guy was pulled back in the cabin, or was cut free to depend on his reserve parachute, that is if he was conscious. »8/25/14 1:24pm8/25/14 1:24pm