Wanna Live In A Van Down By The River? Thanks To Airbnb, You Can

It’s probably one of the first things you laughed about with your friends on the playground: Chris Farley’s Matt Foley character, the saddest motivational speaker ever, screaming at David Spade about living in a van down by the river. But one man’s joke is another man’s enterprise. Someone named Jonathan is giving NYC… »7/26/15 10:16am7/26/15 10:16am

You Can Win A Night's Stay On A Retired Jet In Amsterdam

I'm not someone who has ever slept well on a plane. Even during my two trans-Atlantic red eye crossings in Business Class, I got maybe 2 hours, tops. But Airbnb is holding a contest, in which the winner and 3 guests can stay on board a nicely-appointed MD-11 at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport for a night. »11/14/14 3:34pm11/14/14 3:34pm

Will a Driver Beating a Passenger With a Hammer Force Uber to Grow Up?

San Francisco's District Attorney has already charged the UberX driver who allegedly used a hammer to beat passenger with two felony counts for assault and battery. But the victim, Robert Chicas, will have a harder time suing Uber directly for an attack that left him hospitalized for three days with a fractured skull,… »10/01/14 6:52pm10/01/14 6:52pm