Dainese Is Getting Serious About Bringing Airbags To The World

For over four years, Dainese has been offering its airbag-equipped racing suit in Europe, but it’s never been available in the States. That changes this September, when the first batch of D-Air suits land in the U.S., and Dainese is taking it a step further, opening its airbag tech to other companies. »6/03/15 8:15pm6/03/15 8:15pm

BMW And Alpinestars Developing Airbag Jacket That Will Work On Any Bike

Alpinestars has committed to bringing its TechAir system to something we’d actually want to wear later this year, and now it’s teaming up with BMW on a new line of branded jackets with the integrated airbag. But unlike similar kit from Dainese, it doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride. »4/27/15 8:20pm4/27/15 8:20pm

Watch A Cadillac CTS-V's Airbags Explode During A Pre-Wedding Autocross

GM Engineer Brad Doerr's fiancée Holly would normally be out on the track with him and their Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon for a day of auto-crossing, but she was a little busy getting primped for the wedding they'd planned just two hours later. So there he was, alone, out on a fairly tame course when all of a sudden his… »6/05/12 12:30pm6/05/12 12:30pm

Ford Recalling 470,000 Mustangs - Muscle Car Wars Show Softer Side

Seems that Ford is going out of its way to make sure your Mustang riding, no seatbelt wearing kids won't get overly clobbered in an accident. Ford is recalling 470,000 Mustangs between 2005 and 2008 vintage to recalibrate the airbag deployment force. Seems through internal testing, Ford has determined the airbag may… »2/27/08 4:00pm2/27/08 4:00pm

The Big Ass Airbag May Save Your Life, Cost You Your Dignity

We're not really sure what more there is to add to this photo of what claims to be a revolutionary airbag, but is quite... er... kallipygian. While we guess the design helps prevent you from snapping your neck or being guided into the pillar, there's no getting around the fact that it looks like you've just gone nose… »1/04/08 4:30pm1/04/08 4:30pm