Air Asia Jet Overshoots Runway In Philippines

AirAsia has suffered a second incident within the span of only a couple of days, as one of its Airbus A320 planes overshot the runway at Kalibo, in the Philippines. Thankfully, this time everyone survived. This incident will hopefully be the last in an unusually traumatic year for commercial aviation.… » 12/30/14 12:27pm 12/30/14 12:27pm

Air Asia Flight Carrying 162 Is Missing, Possibly Crashed (UPDATED)

A flight reportedly carrying 162 people on board — 155 passengers plus 7 crew has disappeared from radar, and its location is currently unknown. Air Asia flight 8501 had taken off from Surabaya and was heading to Singapore Sunday morning when it disappeared from radar at 7:24AM. Bad weather may have been a factor. » 12/28/14 12:43am 12/28/14 12:43am

Flight Attendant Attacked By Scalding Water, Forces Emergency Landing

Flights get interrupted fairly frequently by the vulgar drunk, the groping drunk, and even rage over the Knee Defender — but a Chinese couple forced a plane to turn back when they allegedly attacked a flight attendant with scalding hot water, then threatened to blow up the plane. » 12/12/14 6:20pm 12/12/14 6:20pm

Get A Month Of Unlimited Flights Around Southeast Asia For $148

Some of you might remember back to 2009 and 2010, when jetBlue sold an All You Can Jet pass — $599 for a month's worth of unlimited flying. They haven't done that in a while, but another airline is now doing something similar for $148. The catch is that you have to do all your flying in Southeast Asia. » 11/22/14 11:01am 11/22/14 11:01am

Malaysia Airlines Competitor Says "Your Plane Will Never Get Lost"

AirAsia is pulling their April inflight magazine Travel 3Sixty after an unfortunately-timed message appeared inside reading: "Pilot training in AirAsia is continuous and very thorough. Rest assured that your Captain is well prepared to ensure your plane will never get lost." » 4/05/14 4:23pm 4/05/14 4:23pm