Aggressor Air Controller's Display Clearly Shows Aircraft Over Area 51  

This photo, published as part of Airman Magazine's expose on aggressors, shows an aggressor air controller looking at a live display of the giant Nellis Range Complex. It is a rare and detailed photo showing the different range areas, including the blood red box at the center, which is Area 51, in which three… » 4/08/15 4:20pm 4/08/15 4:20pm

A Brief History of Airspace Design

Think Los Angeles at rush hour is bad? Try doing it half-blindfolded with nothing but a radio and a few blinking lights to show you the way. That's how pilots navigate the invisible highways in the sky, and there's a beautiful design that makes it all work. It only took about a hundred years to come up with it. » 11/26/13 10:14am 11/26/13 10:14am

The 80s Air Traffic Controller Strike Makes The Sequester Look Lame

Last week, air traffic controllers across the country were furloughed as a result of budget cuts by the federal government known as the sequester. Delays mounted quickly, but service was speedily restored when Congress realized they were inconvenienced slightly. What would happen, though, if this went on longer? » 5/04/13 12:00pm 5/04/13 12:00pm