This T-33 Named "Ace Maker" Almost Gave Me A Buzz Cut 

One of the hottest air show acts in the country is Greg "Wired" Colyer's T-33 Shooting Star, nicknamed "Ace Maker." Throughout the show season, I do some photo work with Greg and the resulting shots never seems to disappoint. Credit to my friend Julie for the video below of Greg giving us a very close look at Ace… » 3/29/15 3:24pm Yesterday 3:24pm

Horrific Midair Collision During Air Show And Arms Expo In Malaysia 

Indonesia's Jupiter Aerobatic Team, which flies KAI KT-1 turboprop military trainers, experienced a horrific crash yesterday during a practice run for Malaysia's Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA). Astonishingly, all four pilots are reported to have survived the collision. » 3/15/15 1:30pm 3/15/15 1:30pm

Watch This F/A-18 Hornet Torch The Night Sky With Its Afterburners

The MCAS Miramar Air Show features a lot of nighttime afterburner, like A LOT. It is traditionally one of the biggest air shows in the United States and imagery from it never disappoints. One of the unique things about this show is its gratuitous display of fighter jet afterburner action after dark. » 10/11/14 2:42am 10/11/14 2:42am

A Night Air Show Is The Best Air Show

From Flight Club: When I was making plans to attend the annual EAA AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin last month, I specifically planned my trip around the chance to see the famous night air show. Acrobatic pilots perform routines while shooting fireworks and sparks from their wings — and it's amazing! » 8/17/14 4:09pm 8/17/14 4:09pm

You've Never Seen Manhattan Until You See It Falling Out Of A Plane

If you want to see the skyline this well, your nearest hope is to get to the top of the Empire State Building. But for that, you have to pay 46 bucks. This view is free. As long as, ya know, Red Bull picks up the tab for the plane and the fuel and the chutes and the suits. » 5/20/14 1:18pm 5/20/14 1:18pm

Plane crashes during West Virginia air show

A plane crashed an hour agothe second air show in two days to experience a downed airplane. This time it was an air show in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Thankfully, at this point, no injuries in the crowd are being reported. » 9/17/11 3:27pm 9/17/11 3:27pm