Florida Air Guard F-15C Eagles To Deploy To Russia's Doorstep

As part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, the ballooning "theater security package" aimed at bolstering NATO strength and deterring Russian aggression, 12 F-15C Eagles and about 200 airmen from the Florida Air National Guard will be deploying to the Netherlands and Bulgaria. » 3/27/15 7:59pm Friday 7:59pm

Amazing Video Of Planes Dropping Fire Retardant On A Wildfire

Wildfire continues to rage across much of the west, and the military has responded by dispatching tanker planes to help battle the blazes. This video shows an Air National Guard crew dropping chemical fire retardant over one of Colorado's wildfires with a C-130 Hercules. » 7/06/12 1:30pm 7/06/12 1:30pm