Hear The Mechanical Symphony Of The First Air Force One's Pistons Firing Away

Yesterday the first aircraft to be called Air Force One triumphantly to the air on a cross-country ferry flight to Virginia where its restoration will continue. What we didn’t hear was the incredible sound of this historic Lockheed Constellation’s four 18 cylinder Wright R-3350 Duplex-Cyclone engines screaming like…


The First Air Force One Has Taken To The Skies Once Again

It is only fitting that in a week in which we were vividly reminded of the symbolism and powerful impact of Air Force One that the first aircraft to fly with that callsign has also made news. Columbine II, a gorgeous Lockheed Constellation (military designation Lockheed VC-121A-LO) that flew President Eisenhower, has…

The White House Publishes Air Force One's Route From Turkey To The Philippines

In a video shot aboard Air Force One as it was on its way from the G20 Summit in Turkey to the APEC Summit in the Philippines, the camera flashed to an flight tracking map showing the jet’s location and previous route. Clearly you can see the VC-25A’s route deliberately avoided Syria, Iraq and Iran.