Amazing Loon Built A Radial Engine From VW Parts

This project is so amazingly bonkers, I love it. It's a home-built radial engine, which, as far as reciprocating engines go, is clearly the most exotic. And, it's built out of engine parts from the air-cooled flat-4 of a VW Beetle. » 7/21/14 9:00pm 7/21/14 9:00pm

Volkswagen Variant: Dude, Where's My Engine?

Of all the air-cooled machines VW sold, the Brazilian Type 3-powered Variant is one of the more obscure. Given how poorly the other VW air-cooled wagons sold in the US, this car probably would have fared just as poorly here, yet there's something appealing about it. This ad (sorry about the gargly sound/image… » 6/28/07 5:30pm 6/28/07 5:30pm

Brazil to End Production of Air-Cooled VWs

Blame tougher emissions laws for censuring those putt-putt-putting air-cooled engines — the ones that charmed a generation of stoners into not worrying about their well being. The engines will continue an inevitable slide into oblivion when Volkswagen of Brazil ceases production of the 58hp 1.6-liter mill that powers… » 11/30/05 9:15am 11/30/05 9:15am