In-Car Air Conditioning Turns 80 This Month And I'm So Glad It Exists

Quick, can you name the greatest technology that's ever been added to the automobile? No, it's not turbos, or anti-lock brakes, or airbags, or magnetic suspensions, although those things are all wonderful. It's air conditioning, and it turns 80 years old this month. Air conditioning is the best thing ever! »11/19/13 12:01pm11/19/13 12:01pm

Do You Have In-Car Air Conditioning? No, Ours Is On-Car!

Riding in one of our interns' summer daily driver sans-A/C yesterday — a Volvo 142 — one of us kind of laughed a little when he started thinking whether we could stick an air conditioner unit between the braces of his roll cage. Then we found this. And we haven't stopped laughing for twenty minutes. Sure, we've seen… »7/22/08 10:28pm7/22/08 10:28pm