BBC Discovers Air Car, We Chuckle At Fill Up Procedure

We heard about the Tata backed and French developed Air Car back in January and are intrigued by the brilliantly simple concept. It seems the Beeb has caught wind of it too and recently ran the coverage you see above. The numbers on it are pretty exciting for something running like an air compressor with its valves… » 2/13/08 2:30pm 2/13/08 2:30pm

Huffing and Puffing: Tata Electric Car To Run on Compressed Air?

After 14 years worth of research, design and testing, former Formula 1 driver Guy Negre has done what I did back in 7th grade — make an air-powered car. Okay, my air car was a little less complex than this design, but it got third place in the shop class race off and had flames on its tiny, 8-inch long chassis. Now,… » 1/10/08 8:15am 1/10/08 8:15am

Compressed-Air Power: MDI Car Closer to Production

The perpetual-motion machine may be eons away, but the the first commercially viable car to run on compressed air may be at hand. The brainchild of French inventor Guy N gre, the MDI, which we first reported on in 2005, employs a novel system of compressed air tanks and an internal-combustion support engine that can… » 3/19/07 1:08pm 3/19/07 1:08pm