Watch This AH-64 Apache Crew Charge Around Below The Treetops In The German Countryside

As a result of the decision to retire the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior scout helicopter, the AH-64 Apache is a more integral part of Army Aviation than ever before. Now in its AH-64E “Guardian” iteration, the Apache is far more than just a tank-busting helicopter. Today it works as a sensor node and intelligence-collection…


Desert Storm's Opening Shots Came From This Daring Helicopter Raid 25 Years Ago Today 

You have to kick down an enemy’s front door somehow, and in the case of Operation Desert Storm, a novel use of AH-64A Apache and MH-53J Special Operations Pave Low helicopters did just that for their fast-flying fighter jet comrades. The top-secret mission was dubbed Task Force Normandy, and it occurred 25 years ago…

South Korea's Massive Live Fire Exercise Is Overwhelmingly Intense On Purpose

South Korean and American forces are said to be at a readiness unlike any in the world, wound up to spring into all-out war if need be at the sound of a klaxon. This readiness in showcased during combined live fire drills, where the total force is brought together as much for show and intimidation as for training.